Intercouncil Entertains New Ideas


Bemo Miller

Sub-groups of student leaders discuss issues within the school that need administrative attention at the Intercouncil meeting on November 8.

Bemo Miller, Reporter

Intercouncil had their first meeting on November 8 to discuss some of the most pressing struggles that go on inside of the school.

Intercouncil is a group of student leaders who come together to discuss new ideas and changes that will make the school a better place for both students and staff. Most of the ideas and changes brought up in these meetings are smaller changes that can make the student body feel more heard about their wants and needs.

“[Intercouncil] is something that I’ve done at all my other schools,” Principal Kimberly Perry Carter said, “…and [after] talking to some students about the way it used to happen here [and] talking to Mr. Simmons, we decided that [Intercouncil] was something we definitely wanted to start up again.”

The students who attended the meeting are hopeful that Intercouncil will help students inside the school to feel more open to talking about the issues that they see and encounter.

“I feel like our thoughts went out toward the admin, like what we wanted them to hear,” Cheer Captain Gianluca Gasperin said. “I feel like the issues that we as students have spotted throughout the school year, we [got those] points across to [our administrators].”

Gasperin states that he is happy to be a part of the Intercouncil group, showing that his personality is something that will be good for the group.

“I am very excited about [being a part of Intercouncil],” Gasperin said. “I am an extremely extroverted person, so I like to have my [points of view brought to attention] and as part of this program I would really like for [everyone] to know how I feel and [what I think].”

Another one of the attendees, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) President Ken Cotton, stated that the meeting went well, aside from the intercom interruptions.

“We talked about a lot of things that I think we should be able to fix and discuss more about,” Cotton said.

Another thing mentioned that needs desperate improvement is the advertising of these meetings and events. To some it is still unclear when events are taking place in the school.

“Some people did not know that this [Intercouncil meeting] was happening.” Cotton said. “Some people were not invited even though they’re presidents of certain clubs or groups, and that’s something that I think needs to be sorted out.”