MTSS Students of the Month Pick Prizes Off Wall

Bemo Miller, Reporter

The MTSS student of the month drawing was on November 23rd, and took place in the 200 hallway across from the banker’s office.

The MTSS student of the month drawing is something that takes Viking Tickets, a form of incentive to be a good student within the school, and draws many of the tickets with students who have shown Viking pride, and those students get to pick a paper off a wall and get a prize.

“This is the MTSS student celebration, students get tickets in their classrooms [for showing appropriate] Viking pride,” Valley Social Worker Lu Graham said. “We draw names each month with prizes available [for the students].”

Students who got their names drawn this month stated the celebration was something they didn’t expect to make it to; however, it was enjoyable when they did make it.

“To be honest, it felt amazing [to get drawn for the celebration],” student Chanel Jordan said. “It’s an honor. I really loved the way the teachers celebrated the students’ behavior.”

Along with Jordan, Viking Kylee Lauer-Overvy stated that she felt good about getting her name drawn for the celebration.

“I’m proud of myself [for winning the drawing],” Lauer-Overvy said. “I got a bunch of Viking tickets.”

Lauer-Overvy goes on to mention how she predicted she would be drawn, but still held some suspicions she wouldn’t make the celebration.

“I mean [I] sort of [thought I would be drawn].” Lauer-Overvy said. “I [turned in] a ton of tickets at once, [but I also thought] my name definitely would not be drawn.”