English Educator Ell Engages With Students


Bemo Miller

Newest English teacher Zachary Ell welcomes students into his classroom.

Bemo Miller, Reporter

One of the schools newest teachers, Zachery Ell, just moved to the school from a career outside of education.

Ell sent in his application for Valley after reviewing the criteria and deciding that he liked the scenery and diversity within the school community. He also joined the staff for his appreciation of the classes and extracurricular activities.

“Before Valley I was a tour guide,” Ell said. “ I was also a painting instructor at Pinot’s Palette.”

Some of Ell’s favorite hobbies and out of school activities are part of why he makes a good fit into our school community.

“Outside of school I read, and I like to watch movies,” Ell said. “I’m [also] an actor, so if you see any plays around town, maybe I’m in one of those!”

Ell made a very big change in career paths, joining the education community because of the values within the school.

“What brought me to Valley [was when] I saw how diverse the campus was,” Ell said, “I really liked the kind of programs offered.”