Medina Reflects On Time In Journalism


Quinn Pedrick

Senior journalist Isabella Medina reflects on her journey in Thor’s Hammer.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Senior journalist Isabella Medina has dedicated part of her high school experience to “Thor’s Hammer.”

Medina joined the journalism program in her freshmen year at Valley, and she has continued to work as a journalist despite many obstacles.

“It [has] helped me get out of my shell because [in] journalism you [have] to speak to random people and ask them questions,” Medina said. “Also, another way it [has] helped me was with my writing skills. I do creative writing, story writing, and…in a way, it helps me learn a new form of writing which is journalistic writing.”

“Thor’s Hammer” has helped Medina grow as a person throughout the years, and it will have an impact on her future.

“[Working on the newspaper] definitely will help me [in the future to] be a little more social with people because in eighth grade I was like ‘oh no, what did I get myself into?’” Medina said. “It’ll help me speak more with other people, and it will help me with teamwork as working in a team for four years helped me build team building skills and such.”

Being part of the staff added an element to Medina’s high school experience between the humor and fun among staff and the introduction to the world of journalism, and it will stick with her as she ventures outside of the classroom.

“[Journalism] has affected me in a positive way for sure,” Medina said. “I enjoyed all the people I got to meet. I enjoyed doing the articles, and even [when] I felt like giving up, I didn’t just for those people and the newspaper.”