Creayla Reflects on Experiences to Move Toward Future


Alexis Creayla

Senior Alexis Creayla talks about her experiences as a student at Valley High School. She shared how Valley has prepared her for her future.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Managing Editor

Senior Alexis Creayla reflects on her time at Valley as graduation inches closer and closer.

Upon coming to Valley as a freshman, Creayla has been a member of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. She feels that being a part of this program has provided her opportunities to join other clubs at Valley.

“Near the end of eighth grade, I was introduced to the International Baccalaureate (IB) during my visit to Valley High School’s open house,” Creayla said. “This was my first time knowing the program, and I was very confused about the expectations it had upon incoming freshmen, that was because I attended a Catholic school prior and never knew about programs and/or IB overall. I was [introduced to] Valley Viking Scholars but was not as fully dedicated due to [my] personal life overlapping. However, as I gradually met more and more people, I was fortunate enough to learn about a student-led organization that helped students become leaders, which was Key Club. I’ve gradually adapted into Key Club the most.”

Other than clubs, Creayla has expressed a few of her passions, one of them being dance.

“As a kid, I used to dance just because I never thought about doing it as a passion for myself,” Creayla said. “However, as I entered highschool and joined Dance 1, I was surprised to enjoy the activity again. As I was to perform for a showcase, I would get so excited yet so frightened, just cause I didn’t want to mess up; however, as I joined Dance Bravo, my confidence enhanced and my passion for dancing increased. From Dance Bravo, I was able to learn stability and enjoyment. This carried on to Vikettes. All of these were inspired by the dancers I have seen at Valley and the Vikettes. I would also like to add my dad because we would dance every now and then.”

Creayla also shares a passion for the friends in her life.

“Surely it’s gonna sound so cheesy but I am always willing to talk about my friends and show them off,” Creayla said. “They all equally deserve recognition for their achievements, and many of them don’t gain that. I love talking about my friends to my parents and to other friends outside of Valley. I was heavily inspired by my mom and dad for spreading the news and enjoyment toward other people–because they would talk about me, like I am their prize possession– as with my friends, they are treasures in my hearts. I would never trade them for anything else. They made me how I am, and I will forever be proud of them.”

Over the years she’s spent at Valley, Creayla has accomplished more than making friends. A few of her accomplishments even correlate to her other passion.

“Some of my greatest accomplishments that have happened was getting accepted into Dance Bravo my sophomore year,” Creayla said. “Following through: while we were locked down during covid, Key Club was having their 40th term election, and I was running for presidency…and behold, I was elected as Key Club’s 40th term president. I was blessed to be elected and was ready for the year to come. This year [as a senior] I auditioned for Vikettes and…I was accepted into it! Vikettes have given me a place to feel secure and reassured with my ladies [the Vikettes]. Lastly, as I applied for University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Nevada, Reno, and The College of Southern Nevada, I had been accepted to all of them! Nonetheless, I have been grateful for all the accomplishments that came my way.”

However, with accomplishments also comes obstacles, and Creayla has had a few of her own.

“I have experienced everything from losing a friend of three years and having to drop my favorite activity just to focus on schoolwork more,” Creayla said. “However, one of the largest obstacles I had to overcome was the loss of my uncle during Covid…. There were many more obstacles that stopped me, such as my pet passing away and the thought of disappointing my parents. For 16 years I had this suffocation feeling to do well or else. But one day, I learned from my parents that–no matter the outcome, they only want the best for me BY me. I am in charge of my grades and I am the effect of my outcome. No matter what happens, as long as I try my best, I will be okay in their eyes. And that’s all that matters.”

After graduating, Creayla plans to attend College of Southern Nevada for two years before transferring to UNLV. She plans on pursuing a degree and career in Psychology.

“I have always been fascinated by behaviors humans have adapted to, and find ways on how humans think,” Creayla said. “As a kid, I have always wanted to be there for someone, no matter the relationship or distance, I’m always here for aid. Growing up in a Filipino household, many of my relatives had become nurses/doctors and were pressured to pursue the same profession. However, I wanted to do something I would actually enjoy doing. My first choice was Physical Therapist but now Psychology is a better choice for me.”

With her experiences at Valley in mind, Creayla is confident she’ll persevere in life.

“Everything that I’ve learned from Valley will follow throughout my life because it’s all about adoption,” Creayla said. “Surely, [life is] a tough pathway to take but, everyone has to go through it. I know that will be the same outcome once I graduate high school, I’ll be lost–then I’ll do things on my own with the help of others–get it right–and continue on.”