Shimpock Dedicates Himself to Theatrical Arts


Isabella Medina

Patrick Shimpock has taught at Valley High School for around 23 years. He is Valley’s theatre teacher.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Patrick Shimpock is the theater teacher in Valley, and he has been teaching at Valley for 23 years.

Overall, Shimpock has been teaching for around 26-27 years, and he had a passion for the theatrical arts since he was at a very young age. But originally Shimpock never planned on becoming a teacher; he planned to follow a career in the arts. His love for the art of theater began with the help of his grandmother. When he was little, his grandmother took him and his cousins to a film/musical called “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” and while he was watching the film, his passion awoke.

“I looked at that and I went, that’s what I want to do, and that was it,” Shimpock said, “and when I saw that they looked like they were having so much fun, they were make-believing and that was it.”

Around that age he fell in love with theater. He also did community theater around the age of 12 since it was fun for him and his mother involved him in it. When he grew up he was a professional dancer for around 12 years, where he performed in the Vegas shows on the strip, but his dancing career ended when he got a back injury that led him to two surgeries which stopped him from professionally dancing anymore. In search of other work, he remembered his theater teacher and thought about helping others into the art of theater just like how his teacher helped him. He felt that he owed his art form that he has followed since his childhood.

“I think I owed the art of theater, I really do, so that’s why I wanted to teach at high school,” Shimpock said. “I owe the art something maybe I can to high school and maybe if someone is interested I can give them a little nudge and then they can go do what they want, but the real reason is that I really need to pay back my art form because it took me in.”

Shimpock began teaching the art form of theater to kids and Valley is the only high school he has ever taught at. He advises the theater productions that happen at Valley and also helps with the drama club. During his free time he likes to binge watch TV with some of his favorite shows like “American Horror Story,” and he really likes to spend time with animals. He has a cockatiel and some finches, and he really likes to spend time with animals outside of school. He also really enjoys the diversity on campus.

“I like the people at Valley, the students, there’s so many different cultures on this campus just like in real life; it’s just like going out into the real world,” Shimpock said. “You see all these different cultures and different types of people. I have no desire to change high schools. I never have, and I like it here.”