JNG Elections

Eathan Tranate, Reporter

Formally known as JAG, JNG has elected new officers for their councils for the upcoming school year.

JNG is a short term for Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates. It is a class at Valley High School, advised by Ms. Romeo and Mr. Wilson. JNG helps students with job applications, graduating from high school, and students classes. The club has tutors who offer help for various work, projects, and upcoming tests. Recently JNG had an elections for Vikings who joined JNG. The elections were for a council that runs the club. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian and JNG Ambassador, are all positions that helps run JNG to help Vikings with education and their future careers. There are two classes that do JNG, fourth and fifth period, and both have a council this year.

Fourth period President is Giovanni Cervoni, Vice president Keayon Morris, Secretary Abigail Gonzalaez, Treasurer Jenifer Barahona, Historian Mariana Gonzalez, and JNG Ambassador Frankie Medina. In fifth period, the President is Kimberlly Retiguin, Vice President Trinidad Saldivar, Secretary Zita Jimenez, Treasurer Elsa Minhretab, Historian Tanya Davalos, and JNG Ambassador Osman Vasquez.

Both classes work for both JNG and for future graduates of Valley High School.