MSTEM Induction Ceremony

Frankie Medina, Editor-in-Chief

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The Military Science Technology & Emergency Management (MSTEM) Induction Ceremony was held September 17, 2019, during seventh period in the new theater. 


The ceremony recognized all of Valley High School’s students who are devoted and dedicated to the MSTEM Program. 


They gifted the seniors their Gold Star, juniors their Silver Star, sophomores their patches, and freshman took their Student Pledge and Induction.


Sire Prince showed the audience his amazing skills and tricks on how to handle a rifle. 


This was all followed by an MSTEM Showcase and ended with Ms. Fricker giving a well-spoken speech about her thoughts on the program, the amazing staff who help with the program, and the amazing students who fill the program. 


It was overall a well-deserved and needed ceremony to recognize the brave and intelligent MSTEM students at Valley.