Sleep Deprivation at School!

Isabella Medina, Editor

Sleep is vital to the human body, as vital as food, water and air. It’s a huge problem when students and teachers don’t get enough sleep and come to school tired and not in the right state of mind; this is a problem that’s affecting Valley High School students and makes students not ready to succeed.  


The average student needs seven-nine hours of sleep to be well-rested for a day, but most students don’t get that sleep due to stress from school, working on school projects all day, and putting their work over their own health needs. 


The effects of sleep deprivation do not benefit the body, and according to PsychCentral, the symptoms of sleep deprivation are impaired memory, cravings and weight gain, trouble concentrating, increased resting blood pressure, and mood changes. 


Though students might be suffering from this, there’s hope and a solution.


It’s simple to resolve this problem, and it’s to relax and be calm and relieved from all the stress from school by doing something relaxing like yoga or reading a book; it’s also a good idea to keep away from the phone as it can keep people up. But it’s not the case for all students, sometimes it’s maintaining a cool body temperature. 


“I sleep easily when the room is cool; it’s even better when there’s a fan nearby,” says Brian Vasquez, a current Valley freshman.


 Keeping a cool body temperature through the night helps people sleep with ease. But it’s not the case for everyone, as every human is different. But it’s a good idea to visit a local doctor as getting help from a professional can help fix this problem.