AP Lang Researches at UNLV’s Lied Library


Frankie Medina

Valley's AP Lang students outside the Richard Tam Alumni Center at UNLV on a tour of the campus.

Frankie Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Pedrick took her AP Language and Composition classes, along with Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Hupp as chaperones, to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on October 11th to do some research using UNLV’s Lied Library Databases in order to complete their Finding Fridays assignment and their Research Paper that is due in March. They were able to do so by being guided step-by-step on how to use the databases and research their chosen topic.    


“The field trip was full of academic motivation which inspired a new generation of scholars,” junior Kevin Osorio states. He adds, “The UNLV  Honors College was my motivation to do better and to achieve academic excellence.” 


This trip was about more than the students researching their topics; they were able to experience the UNLV campus in a different way by taking a tour through the Honors College, the Lied Library, and through the campus itself.


The field trip didn’t just allow future students to get a feel for the campus, it also allowed former students, like Mr. Alvarez, to visit their old roots.


“It had been many years since I last stepped onto the UNLV campus but returning to my alma mater with our students was definitely the best way to go back for a visit!” Alvarez states.  “It was a true pleasure being able to show the ‘boys’ some cool things about attending UNLV.”

Frankie Medina
AP Lang students touring the UNLV campus before doing research in the Lied Library.