Dance Bravo and Valhalla Dance Company

Thor's Hammer Staff

Dance Bravo and Valhalla Dance Company will be performing with all of the Dance 1 and Dance 2 students in their Winter Showcase on December 5th at 6:30pm in the Main Theater. 


Dance Bravo will be working with a guest choreographer soon on a hip-hop routine that the team will use when they go to competition in January and February. 


“I love being in Bravo. It makes me feel like I’m apart of something important and like I’m part of a family,” Stacy Bolante explains. She adds, “If we fail, we fail together, and if we succeed, we succeed together.”


Valhalla has been working with a guest choreographer on a contemporary modern piece that will be adjudicated and performed at the CCSD Dance Festival in March. 


All of the Dance students during early October had the opportunity to work with a local professional Latin dancer, Mayra Cortes. 


“She came in and taught Reggaeton to them,” Dance Instructor Diane Davis explains, which helped them “to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.”