“Camping and Togetherness;” Annual IB DP Retreat a Success


Valley IB Juniors and Seniors at DP Retreat at Valley High School.

Thor's Hammer Staff

The annual International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Retreat was held September 26 through September 28 with field trips, camping-out at VHS, and large group activities.  This retreat was for all of the juniors and seniors in the IB DP program.


The retreat began Thursday, September 26, with cheering on the Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team, and IB students made signs and painted each other’s faces before going out to support the girls.  


After the game, students participated in group activities hosted by IB Council and were provided snacks from Three Square.  There was a Just Dance activity, board games, improv area, and musical chairs.  


Since students had field trips the next morning, the night ended early at 6 PM.


IB Council started off Friday morning with some fun group activities, such as “go to the middle if ____________” and never have I ever.


By nine, students were boarding busses to their designated field trips.  Students had the option of going to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay or touring UNLV with the UNLV Honors College. 

Andrew Magness
Mr. Magness taking a selfie with IB Juniors at the annual DP retreat.

Students were back at Valley by two PM to begin some leadership activities with IB Council to “increase bonding among the students,” IB Diploma Coordinator Andrew Magness explains.


They played some games, such as pass the hoop, shape-shifting, and back to back tag, and they participated in creating group poems.


The famous, second annual Dodgeball Tournament began at four PM in the Auxiliary Gym.  There were 8 teams, and Hash Slinging Slashers took home the coveted trophy, which included Bobby Degeratu, Dominic Sanchez, Juan Lopez, Benjamin Davis, Nina Hernandez, and Abraham Rodriquez.

Andrew Magness
Winning Dodgeball team the Hash Slinging Slashers includes Bobby Degeratu, Dominic Sanchez, Juan Lopez, Benjamin Davis, Nina Hernandez, and Abraham Rodriquez.

“The dodgeball game was high-intensity and extremely competitive,” Hash Slinging Slashers player Bobby Degeratu states.  “Overall, I think it was our excellent communication and preparation that secured the victory, and we’re excited to defend our title at the next tournament this spring,” Degeratu adds. 


Dinner was Canes, a Valley favorite, which was followed by tag and hide and seek.  It was lights out by 10 PM to prepare for the following day.


Saturday, the final day of the retreat, began with breakfast consisting of a cup of noodles and snacks from Three Square before participating in Escape rooms.


IB students voted on different superlatives to give out to their classmates before wrapping up with a reflection session.  Students had a fully-packed three day experience!