AP Government Classes Carol on Nevada Day

Frankie Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Bognot and his student teacher, Mr. Dyer, took their Government classes around Valley to show their Nevada Day pride. They were given the lyrics to “Home Means Nevada”, and were educated on what Nevada Day is all about. They then went to different classes on campus and sang for them in celebration of the State holiday, celebrated on November 25, 2019.. 


“As silly as it sounds, I feel it is important to recognize why students and staff have the day of Nevada Day off as most Nevadans in general don’t realize the importance of this day,” Mr. Bognot says. 


Other classes were surprised to see government classes partaking in this performance because it is not common. But, that goes to show just how much more students and teachers enjoyed it. 


“I assume other classes liked it, especially the teachers,” Mr. Dyer points out.


Not only did Mr. Bognot’s classes get recognized by Valley students, they were also recognized by Nevada’s Governor.


“It is worth mentioning that Steve Sisolak, Nevada’s Governor, also retweeted our video uploaded to Twitter for his followers to view. #HomeMeansNevada” Mr. Bognot proudly states. 


This memorable lesson will be remembered and cherished by Mr. Bognot’s government classes, along with all the classes that were visited. 


“Singing our State Song has been a tradition of my classes since working at Valley,” says Bognot, adding,  “and it is probably one of the most entertaining lessons of the year.”