National Honor Society at VHS

Angelique Esparza, Reporter


 The National Honor Society is one of the clubs at Valley High school, and Ms. Ruth is in charge of this organization. 

National Honor Society is “a service organization, but it is held to a very high standard,” says Ruth.

It is a club that requires students to have not only a 3.2 GPA  but they have to fulfill their spots.

Some things that the students have already succeeded in doing this year is the blood drive. Valley NHS has been awarded the first school to get the most blood for the past three years. 

The members jobs are also to plan all the meetings and to know exactly what they are going to talk about. 

“The most important thing about being in the NHS is to be committed,” explains Ruth.

If they don’t have any commitment to fulfill their spots then NHS will give the spot to someone who wants to be committed to it. Some ways they may ask students to come join NHS is they will email students if they have all of the requirements they are looking for.  

“Commitment is extremely important to have in this club, especially if you have a board position because nothing will get done,” explains Lizeth Garcia.  “Just being committed to this club and any other club helps make sure things get done, and it has helped me build my leadership skills throughout this year so far.”