Gear-Up Provides Lunch for Freshmen


Brian Vasquez

Students helping at Gear Up Lunch for freshman.

Brian Vasquez, Reporter

Gear Up hosted a lunch event, serving food from Raising Canes on Thursday, November 7th.  It was a special event that was held as an award for freshmen to attend and see what colleges they can go to.  

Students who sign up for Gear Up will go on trips to colleges to see different ways they get into a college. 

“UNLV Gear Up is designed to help first generation low-income students attend college or any form of post secondary education, and we have millions of dollars of federal funding to take students on college field trips,” Gear Up Representative Tam Raie explains.

Brian Vasquez
UNLV’s Gear Up representative, Tam Raie, at the lunch event.

Gear Up does help students who need help and want to go to college. 

“You can get free and better scholarships to help you succeed in life,” Valley freshman Demetris Richard states.

Gear Up is constantly holding  events for students to check out colleges to help students with their choices for the future.

“The next event is at Nevada State and UNLV,” Raie adds, “and next year we’ll have many more, so look forward to it.”