The IB SCAREcial


Alexis Graham

Bobby Degeratu, Contributing Writer

On October 24, IB Council hosted their first social of the year–the IB SCAREcial, a Halloween themed event featuring food and various activities. As per tradition, the socials serve as an opportunity for Valley students, especially those in IB, to come together, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.

Alexis Graham

The planning process for such an event is extensive. The students in the IB Council class must first brainstorm ideas for a theme, date, and location, submitting the latter information through a Facilities Request form for approval. After that, all aspects are outlined through a “master plan,” including activities, materials, food items, prices, decorations, and time slots for any large-group activities. This does not mark the end of the process, however, as students must also create flyers to distribute to the different classes and posters to highlight all relevant information for the day of the social. The workload can get stressful, but the payoff is very satisfying.


Unity is at the forefront of these IB-sanctioned events. 


“Planning this event was a very enjoyable experience. I got to interact with and get to know underclassmen in my IB program, something I had never done before,” IB Council junior Gergana Moneva states. 


Over 70 students were prepared to “get their spook on,” the tagline for the event advertised in the weeks leading up to it. 


Pies and candy were provided in abundance, as well as many beloved activities–musical chairs, a candy corn relay race, a “mummy wrap,” and karaoke. Bright orange and purple decorations lined the table, and a sea of pumpkin balloons served as endless entertainment for students who laughed, danced, and sang the afternoon away. The relay race was an unexpected hit, with students eager to challenge one another for a fitting bragging right–”most candy.” Karaoke never fails to generate excitement and laughter, as does the tension when the last two people are head-to-head in musical chairs. The premise is simple, it is an attempt to make socials as accessible and easygoing as possible. 

Alexis Graham
Musical Chairs at IB’s Halloween Social

“Our main priority with our events is to create an environment in which students can relax and enjoy time with their classmates,” IB Council sophomore Dre Boyd-Weatherly proclaims. “I felt the Halloween Social exceeded those goals and the work put into it was absolutely worth it for a fun-filled day and jollity.”