The Pets of VHS


Assistant Principal Ms. Fricker's pets!

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager/Editor

Pets are everywhere in the media, such as Snoopy from Peanuts, Marley from Marley and Me, Grumpy Cat, and in several videos about dogs and cats on Youtube; throughout history animals have been used by humans like in hunting, herding, or just to have a lovable companion. Around the world people have pets from a variety of animals like snakes to “man’s best friend,” the dog. 

Sophomore Andrea Lizbeth Moreno’s dog
Freshman Sabrina DePasquale’s dog Pearl
Assistant Principal Ms. Fricker’s pets

Animals and humans have been compatible for fifteen-thousand to thirty-thousand years, and throughout time, animals have bonded more and more with humans, and humans have bred animals for more companions. For example, different species of wolves  have been bred to other breeds of dogs like corgis or huskies. There’s been a relationship between dogs and humans known as human- canine bonding that’s gotten stronger over time. According to the Insurance Information Institute, dogs are the most popular pet in over 63.4 percent of households in a 2019-2020 survey.

Sophomore Nehtelie Ruby Cajeras’s dog, Hari

“They’re amazing, I love dogs,” freshman Hilda De Leon says.


Freshman Vianca Ledesma’s dog


Junior Penelope Reyes’s dogs Koky and Atala

Though dogs may be popular, they aren’t the only kind of pet a person can have.  At Valley, a poll was conducted to see if students had pets and if they did what kind of animal they had as a pet. The results were that out of 27 students 88.89 have pets, and 11.11 didn’t. The most popular animal is the dog with other animals being cats, birds, and fish. According to the organization of American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, studies have been shown that having an animal companion can be beneficial as they can increase physical activity, teach about life lessons, such as death and illness, and can provide love, loyalty, and affection. 

Senior Isabella Hydorn’s cat, Suki
Freshman Angie Gil Tapia’s bird, Dinosaur


Sophomore Kent Hall’s fish, Goldy
Junior Evelyn Gomez Diaz’s turtle, Yobi

“I would show the dog love and affection, to make sure that the dog is welcomed and part of the family,” sophomore Wesly Martinez states.

The popularity of animals is spreading throughout the media, in shows, in movies, and in videos. There are iconic animal celebrities like Grumpy Cat/Tardar sauce, who died in 2019; Terry the dog/Toto, who died in 1945;, and Hachiko from the movie, “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” Though there are people who don’t have a pet, they can see what it’s like with animals throughout the media. 


“I loved Hachi.  He was loyal and a good dog, and I love Grumpy Cat,” DeLeon adds.  “She was unique and her memes made me laugh.”