Reporter Michael Lyle Speaks to FBLA Members


Frankie Medina

Journalist Michael Lyle speaks to FBLA at Valley High School.

Frankie Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Reporter for the Nevada Current, Michael Lyle, spoke about his lifestyle as a journalist at the FBLA meeting on Tuesday, November 19th in room 230. He taught about the everyday life as a journalist and writer, and how to recognize one. 


“A lot of people who use social media think of themselves as journalists, and that’s not necessarily accurate” Lyle stated. 


He wanted to make sure that the students partaking in this presentation understood that just because a person reports news on their social media does not make it credible. Lyle also included his personal experience of being in the news industry, including what it was like.


“Being a person of color in the news industry is a very trying experience” Lyle explained. 


He stated that a lot of people did not see the vision in him; it became hurtful at times, but he did not let that stop him from reporting on what he wanted. Lyle also explained about his state of mind in the news industry and about where he was, physically, in his work environment.

Lyle’s strong suit includes writings about homelessness and the downfalls of it. With his articles like, “City estimates 1 in 5 inmates are homeless but doesn’t know why,” his work reflects his passion, which is the significance of spreading facts to his well-known topic.