New Years and Resolutions

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager and Editor

A new year has arrived. All around the world people have welcomed the new year and the new decade of 2020. For many people around the world, a new year signifies the start of new goals and resolutions to follow and to complete throughout the new year. 


“My resolutions are to work on me being a better friend, I want to work on my baking and cooking skills; I want to improve on my art, and I want to read more,” student Melody Juarez said.


Though not all resolutions begin at the beginning of a new year, some resolutions evolve and grow over time.


“My New Year’s resolution is to help provide for my family while making time for myself. I’ve been having this [problem] for quite some time ever since I was little,” student Julian Guinto said.


New year’s resolutions are goals and promises of changing something about yourself. These new years resolutions are common to be accomplished by a new year. With the most common resolutions, being, to be more productive or to eat and become more healthy.


“I find resolutions to be goals that I want to meet throughout the year,” said Juarez.


Although, some people believe that having a new year’s resolution is something that isn’t quite necessary or something not really important.


“I don’t have any resolutions. I feel like I don’t need to fix myself,” said student Anthony Hogue.


Though everyone is different, all have their own goals, their different ideas, and changes they may want to make as it’s now 2020. It was the end of a year, but also the end of a decade. It is a  new beginning to make changes to grow and learn.

“If you asked me for my new year resolution,” Cyril Cusack explains on, “it would be to find out who I am.”