Thor's Hammer

2020-2021 Staff

Kahleia Corpuz


While her senior year may have started with a global pandemic, this editor-in-chief  is determined to make the most of this year! She hopes to bring entertainment, information, and recognition to the student body through Thor's Hammer. As an avid history fan, she hopes to pursue a degree in history to become a history teacher. Her hobbies include playing board games and video games as well as watching...

Quinn Pedrick

Managing Editor

Quinn Pedrick is a freshman with the role of managing editor. They are starting their first year of writing for the paper, but has been writing fictional and informative pieces since first grade. They enjoy learning about virtually anything, but their special interests are mythology, architecture, history, and science. They have a special interest in music and perform in both band and orchestra playing...

Eathan Tranate


Eathan Tranate is a senior this year, his third year at Valley. This is also his second year in journalism.  He joined journalism because he was interested in it. He may not be as experienced as some of the others, but he is willing to learn from them and hopes to get to know the students at Valley this year.

Alex Lopez


While this might be freshmen Alex Lopez’s first year as a reporter, he is no stranger to writing. He has been writing for fun ever since the sixth grade, and it was only until the following year that he became a member of his middle school’s yearbook staff; so there’s that bit of experience. He hopes to share information to Valley’s students. Some of his interests include, but are not limited to...

Amy Vasquez-Rivera


Amy Vasquez-Rivera, a freshman reporter, is starting on her first year of writing for the paper after a major switch from fictional work. Before the paper, Amy used to write horror stories and do group stories with her friends. She spends her time playing the piano, watching youtube, and indulging in her horror addiction. She has a special interest in true crime and often researches old cases, a s...

Siria Fierro

Features Editor

Siria Fierro is a senior this year. It’s her first time in journalism. While she is in Thor’s Hammer for the first time, she hopes to learn more about journalism and become a better writer. Having always enjoyed writing, she has decided to try something new and join journalism to improve her skills. She hopes that Thor’s Hammer will be a great new experience for her that she will learn a...

Bobby Degeratu

Contributing Writer

A proud senior in the IB program, Bobby Degeratu is honored to be a member of the Thor's Hammer staff for his first full year. He is an avid writer who is looking forward to providing detailed and relevant news for all Vikings. Whenever possible, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and telling original stories. In the past, he has written for gaming websites such as Pokejungle and Nint...

Angelique Esparza

Sports Editor

Angelique Esparza is in 10th grade. Her position in the newspaper staff is the sports editor. Angelique’s goals for Thors Hammer are to become better at the process of writing articles for the school newspaper. Some of Angelique’s hobbies are drawing and painting.

Brian Vasquez-Deniz

Assistant Advertising Manager/Photographer

As much as Brian Vasquez-Deniz likes to sleep, he loves getting the scoop on an article. Some goals he has for the future is to graduate and get a degree in engineering or journalism. A goal Brian has for Thor’s Hammer is to improve his skills as a learning journalist. He hopes to get an internship at a news company to get more experience. Brian also likes to collect retro items from the past as...

Kamiya Rodrigues

Photography Editor

Kamiya Rodrigues, a sophomore for the 2020-2021 school year who has to begin her 2nd year of high school through a computer screen, hopes that she can encourage hope for others during this pandemic. Through Thor’s Hammer, she aims to be able to keep everyone informed and even provide helpful tips about things that might benefit others. She takes pride in being creative and being able to create piec...

Isabella Medina

Advertising Manager/Reporter

Isabella Medina is a junior and the advertising manager for Thor’s Hammer. She enjoys writing short stories but she also enjoys writing articles to spread information to Valley’s students and has been part of Thor’s Hammer for two years now. She also enjoys drawing digital art and acting; she mainly does improv acting. Her goal is to make Thor's Hammer a newspaper interesting for everyone at Va...

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