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2019-2020 Staff

Frankie Medina


Frankie Medina is a senior at Valley High School, who is thriving to achieve great goals. She is hoping to attend Southern Utah University in the Fall of 2020 to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. She enjoys music, reading poetry, and learning new things in school. This is her first year of journalism, and she is hoping that by the end of the year, it will be a memorable experience for her to look back...

Joseph Kimsey

Managing Editor

Joseph Kimsey is a senior at Valley High School. If you have a question, he will find you an answer. With a passion for investigating, and uncovering the truth, Joseph will ask the questions that need to be asked. He lives by a simple motto, “I’d rather regret doing something, than regret doing nothing at all.” By traveling and taking risks, he expresses this motto daily. With his one-foot mohawk...

Isabella Medina

Advertising Manager, Editor

Isabella Medina is a sophomore at Valley high school, and has been a part of journalism for two years now. Isabella loves to write and enjoys reading narratives, short stories in particular; her favorite book is The Hunger Games. Her main goal that she wants to complete is to master and learn more skills in writing to become a top tier journalist or author. Some of her hobbies that she does is pra...

Eathan Tranate


Brian Vasquez


Kamiya Rodrigues


Kamiya Rodrigues is a freshman at Valley High School. Her love for writing was apparent in her earlier years, and she decided to develop her passion more. As a result, she is now a journalist for Thor's Hammer. Hoping to get out of her shell, she asks the necessary questions to get any information needed to aid her in writing. Kamiya may be shy, but once you know her well enough, she is outgoing and ...

Penelope Reyes

Contributing Writer

Kahleia Corpuz

Contributing Writer

Haley Gil

Contributing Writer

Bobby Degeratu

Contributing Writer

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