Thor's Hammer

This is a digital drawing of Varian from tangled the series. It was made on Medibang Paint with the small stylus.
Mini Stylus Results in Big Plus
Isabella Medina, Reporter • March 26, 2021

There are many steps to making a digital drawing, like finding an app or program to use, the device to draw on, and what to draw with - specifically...

Spring Break
Spring Break
March 19, 2021
"Coming 2 America" is the sequel to the 1988 "Coming to America" movie.  It starred many of the original characters from the first movie, which premiered over 30 years ago.
“Coming 2 America” Only For Nostalgia
Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter • March 19, 2021

“Coming 2 America” is an Amazon Prime original film that came out on March 5, 2021. This movie is the sequel to the 1988 movie “Coming...

The original Weetabix comes from the United Kingdom. The box was very different because it had Arabic, and the nutritional facts section was very short, and it was translated three different ways.
Weetabix for the Win
Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief • March 26, 2021

During a past Tabletop Club meeting, I was introduced to the United Kingdom breakfast cereal Weetabix by my adviser’s very excited and very...

Halloween Candy Review
Halloween Candy Review
October 27, 2020

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